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Top 10 Most Common Reasons for Break-Up

During the holiday season it’s a time of giving and spending time with the ones we love and care about.  We travel to different areas to connect with those that mean a lot to us.  During this time of year some couples just meet and start new relationships hoping things will go well and better than their last relationship. For others in relationships there are a variety of things leading couples to knock at the door of break-up. In this blog the Coaches Corner would like to raise awareness and inform our readers of the ten most common reasons for break-up. Hopefully, as a reader you will not keep this to yourself but also pass this one on to others. In the effort to help others see what causes break-ups and avoid these ten causes of break-up so others will not be the next statistic.

  1. Physical and or metal abuse: this is when an individual has a sadistic attitude by manipulating, intimidating, and overall controlling behavior towards their spouse or partner.
  2. Attraction towards another of the opposite gender: this happens due to not enough quality time, chronic communication gaps, and or open to connect with others because there has not been enough invested initially in the relationship by either person.
  3. Cheating or Infidelity: to have fondness of and with someone else that is outside of your original relationship.
  4. Constant humiliation before others: which is having a partner that is less empathetic towards their partner for example; “Without me you would be nothing” this person has an attitude that makes their partner or spouse feel inferior.
  5. Constant nagging: Is an attitude that imposes on the partner to be at their beckoning call. The expectation of their partner to adjust to their standards. This is done with no concern or respect for their partner or spouse’s feelings. In additions, this person does a lot of fault finding, scolding, criticizing, complaints, and delivers frequent sarcastic remarks.
  6. Jealousy in a relationship: In this case the partner or spouse struggles bad with their lover giving others attention even if it is work related. This person usually is projecting a great deal of insecurity they have not dealt with and project this onto their partner.
  7. Repeated lying: this is when a spouse or partner habitually lies to the other and the picture or communication is never really clear.
  8. Frequent and consistent arguments and quarrels: Where both people want things their way and neither person yields.
  9. Love for money more than Love for the partner: Which is when one person in the relationship does not equally share the money or finances with their partner or spouse. One cares to the point of stressing depts and bills where the other person is not as stress. But this tension over time can really put strain on the relationship.
  10. Repeated comparison of others: This is when your spouse compares you to someone else or others. If you are the wife, he compares you to other women and if you are a man, she compares you to other men. Either way this really attacks the confidence a spouse should have in their partner or spouse. Over time this becomes a major problem.


If you are experiencing one or more of these issues in your relationship you should be aware that it is only a matter of time before one of you will get seriously fed up. Get some help from a friend or coach, even a therapist could provide some serious support regarding any of these issues. Just don’t do nothing because that is a waist of both person’s time to sit and not do anything to better yourself for the sake of the relationship.  Sometimes if you are not ready to make changes to meet the needs of the relationship; if you care for the person let them go and use that time to really work on yourself for yourself so you will be ready for the next relationship that comes your way.

(This information has come from an assessment of the cases we have noticed in our practice)

“Healthy Living Begins with Healthy Thinking”

Joseph Briscoe

Life Coach

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