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How to Know When to Break-Up

In general, most of us love relationships and enjoy the act of meeting someone and growing to know each other to the place where it elevates to love. We watch movies, read books, read blogs and materials that help us attract and preserve our relationships. This experience is important to us and is a part of us because we are human.  Relationships and interaction are a serious part of our nature.

However, we seem to let the emotional piece of relationships blind us and keep us from benefiting from healthy and satisfying relationships. We stay in it thinking and hoping things will change or more importantly that person we are in relationship in will some how change. Not!!! There is something in us that is hopeful and determined to see the picture we have in our heads about love and what it should look like in each of our lives.

Sometimes this can only come in our lives when we learn to let go.  That person you are so in love with just may not be good for you even though you love them. Relationships will have challenges which are meant to grow character and expand compatibility. However, when you are stressed, depressed, insecure, and have other negative experiences that routinely keep you from growing as a person. It is time to consider some other options.  So, in this post today we are going to share some signs or red flags that prompt transitioning out of your current relationship.

  • Getting into the relationship for the wrong reasons happens when you really don’t know why or can explain the reason you are spending time with that person. This is a sign of inward issues you maybe hiding behind this person.
  • Lack of identity and self-assurance as an individual is significant. Co-dependent relationship is not healthy. They breed dysfunction and keep individuals from having their own likes, interest, and self-expression.
  • Become lost in roles happens over time when couples, wives, and husbands forget over the years what brought them together. This is when the individuals in the relationship feel unappreciated and are in the relationship but feel like they are alone.
  • Not having a shared vision for success which really is best to address before the relationship gets serious. Definitely before marriage the topics of house hold, chores, and child discipline are just examples of the breakdown in shared vision when couples don’t properly discuss early on in the relationship.
  • Intimacy disappears usually after a period of time when dating or being married for some time. Men generally need sexual receptivity to feel romantic and women on the other hand generally need romance to be sexually receptive.

These are all just a few signs after discussion, coaching, and therapy. If these issues are not corrected or improved, it might be time to make some serious decisions. There are five more signs we will discuss on the next blog post.


(This information has come from an assessment of the cases we have noticed in our practice. Coaches Corner does not promote divorce. Consequently, we are advocates for healthy living which eventually breeds healthy thinking)

“Healthy Living Begins with Healthy Thinking”

Joseph Briscoe

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