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Letting Go versus Holding On

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed bringing in the new year. At Coaches Corner we know this is the time where people desire to make changes and transformations based on new year resolutions.  One thing we were thinking that does not get a lot of attention when the new year turns is baggage and what to let go of and what we may need to hold on to.

Letting Go

Letting go of things can be a liberating feeling and process. Especially if it is something of our past, or a difficult experience or situation.  Letting go can mean finally taking control over a situation that was painful, or of major loss or death of a dear love one. It can be a number of negative situations that cause us to not feel free at some level.

Letting go of a situation such as to stop blaming others or complaining about your life on what is not right and who is not right.  Forgiveness of self and towards others is a way of letting go.  This action is way to free us of things, experiences, and thoughts that over time that weigh us down and keep us from making room for new thoughts and ideas that could be highly beneficial to our overall well being and wellness.

Holding On

A lot of clients that come through our office tend to feel stuck and unable to move forward and not able to advance in life. Unresolved issues, limited underlying beliefs, negative experiences from the past tend to paralyze us.  These thoughts and feelings lead us to often experience feeling held back from living life to the fullest.  Holding on to these thoughts and feelings can have long lasting effects on our health.  Long lasting negative feelings can eventually result in distress and even illness.

Helpful Applications

  1. Getting a coach could support by offering you an alternative point of view.
  2. Coaching support can allow the client to get a chance to take responsibility and feel empowered to overcome the situation.
  3. Visualizing can help you let go of a situation. As you think and imagine a picture it has the probability of manifesting.
  4. Journaling is way to release and let go of thoughts, experiences, and beliefs that stifle your progress in life.
  5. Ask yourself this question, “What would it look like if you were to let go-rather than hold on to this (situation, person, and belief)?”

Try some of these tools to see if it supports your transition. If you are not comfortable definitely seek out a life coach or a therapist to support your transition of letting, go versus what you really need to hold on to.

(Information in this post is derived from Edda Josdottir, Professional Training Coach, Iceland)

“Healthy Living Begins with Healthy Thinking”

Joseph Briscoe

Life Coach

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