• Protect Your Mind
    In the last blog post we were rediscovering who you are by introspection of the soul.  A lot of our problems and struggles come from not developing our soul.  Charles Read more
  • Managing Your Soul
    Do you know who you are?  Who are you? Do we really take the time to step back and assess who we are as individuals? Not who your parents say Read more
  • The 7 Types of Love
    Since our last discussion the Coaches Corner shared some information about the Colors of Love. This is a concept that suggests there are six ways to love a person. The Read more
  • What is Love in America?
    Why do half of our relationships and marriages fail?  What are we doing that is so wrong with creating so many awful experiences towards others? These negative experiences, flings, friends Read more
  • Summary Of Being A Better Spouse
    We hope everyone was able to celebrate Mother’s Day this past weekend. To all the mothers we hope you were taken care of and celebrated because you are precious and Read more
  • Be Mindful of Her
    My last point on being a better husband is that as men, we are designed to be problem-solvers which is connected to being the protector of the family.  The quality Read more
  • Men, Our Woman Needs Us to Talk
    Now as you are rekindling the passion with your spouse, you would seriously improve your marriage by giving your communication a make-over.  Communication is the exchange of information by talking, Read more
  • Husband, Your Wife Needs Affection!
    Marriage is a team effort and you will fail at it if you approach your union like, “I do my part” and “You do yours”.  It is more than that! Read more
  • Ladies, Activate Your Intuition!
    Woman are born with an internal form of wisdom called intuition.  Not every woman develops their intuition well or use theirs with discretion.  This causes all sorts of issues and Read more
  • How To Study Your Husband
    Ok ladies now that we have gone through yesterdays blog on being a Helper to your husband and not the warden.  We should understand the importance of stepping back and Read more
  • Being A Helper to Your Husband
    It would be best practice to go the traditional route and begin with ladies being first.  It seems like most women function under this hidden check list of “if I Read more
  • Being A Better Spouse
    The drive of this series of posts is to equip the reader by providing information and illustrations that can improve relationships between husbands and wives.  The standing statistics for divorce Read more
  • We Are Family
    We often hear people say “we are family” to encourage a family model of love, commitment and bonding.  As if no matter what we have an understanding of how to work Read more
  • Practice What You Preach!
    Although society criticizes the beliefs of the Christian community we all should be given the same respect of “non judgement”.  I respect the right not to judge you for what Read more
    So I decided to add a blog to my website because I think we could use a practical moment to be empowered.  Looking at times to be strategic, to ignite Read more

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