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Joseph T. Briscoe

Joseph T. Briscoe, MAT PLC

Operations Director/Life Coach

Professional life coach and mentor who is a native of Washington, DC with a Master of Arts in Teaching from Regent University and a Bachelor's in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from Winston-Salem State University. Mentoring young males towards a sustainable objective is his mantra to a stronger society. He joins his wife Stephanie Briscoe with similar passions focusing on empowering others...
Areas of Training: Chronic Illnesses (getting through it all), Effective Parenting, Personal and Relationship Development
He loves helping all people, however, he gravitated to those who started out with the best intentions but lost focus when life through them a curve ball. He is a living testament that "the way it looks doesn’t have to be the way you live"! Joseph earned his certification as a professional life coach through the Fowler Institute Academy of Professional Coaching in 2015. He has finished his first best seller “Daddy’s Shoes" which is available now on Amazon! Order your copy today! Joseph and Stephanie’s ministry is first to God, care of self, each other and their five beautiful children. He likes to read, play chess and an avid fan of football.

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